Proyectos y programas

Número 7, febrero 2012


On Designing Programs, Materials, and Resources: A Desk to Classroom Experience Erika Guadalupe Echauri Vargas


When designing an academic program it is important to consider the environment it will be used in, as well as the inputs and the participants that will be directly connected to the program’s application, in this manner “self-determination and learning” as it relates to an Integrated Learning Unit (ILU) of an Interdisciplinary Area (IA) of “Subject and Learning”, we took care of designing strategies that would allow each student to be critical and analytical during the construction of their own identity, thus being able to trace a life path acorrding to their vocational skills and needs. Seeking competence development by means of the suggested methodology, interweaving thematic contents in order for students to internalize information and turn it into practical, theoretical and experiential knowledge that will consequently lead to the three moments of evaluation: diagnostic, summative and formative. Finally, program development for mixed-reality environments entails the advisor seeking mediation and permanent tutoring, without leaving aside the flexibility of this method, constantly being on the look-out for moments of self-determination and self-learning, but respecting the population’s diversity concerning personal time frames and needs. This allows the possibility of constant feedback through Tutor-Student, Student-Student, and Tutor-Tutor contact.

Keywords: mixed-reality environment, program development, self-determination, tutoring.